I grew up in Milwaukee and moved to Chicago in 2014, where I started out on a messy, zig zagging path (as most life paths are) to this page on this website. I’ve always been fascinated with birth. When I was a kid I was glued to the screen when characters on TV gave birth (Becky from Full House comes to mind), though I couldn’t verbalize why. In 2016 I began following this interest, and I’m still learning new lessons every day.

People tend to describe me as a grounded and calming energy, and someone who tells too many bad jokes, probably.


I live with my fiancee, Ariel, our cat Mercedes, and our dog Honey. We aspire to live on a farm someday, but we love the city for now (Chicago has my heart). I have many passions and no plans to limit them! They all weave together in the end. I’m interested in alternative educational paths, plants and gardening, art, spirituality.

I hope to include my own birth story on this page someday, but for now I will settle for mentioning my many plant children, my love of podcasts, and and affinity for cooking, especially for others.

I look forward to hearing your story, witnessing your power, and clearing out a spot in the chaos with you.