Fern’s Values

trust, partnership, and your power

Above all, I want us to mutually trust each other, regard each other as equals, and fully access our personal power in a society that often seeks to suppress it.

birth is not a medical event

Birth is not an emergency. In our work together I strive to always treat you with respect – which is why I will not sugar coat what you can expect to encounter when interacting with the medical system in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. However I will always treat you with compassion, and I support whatever educated and intuitive decisions you make throughout your journey.


I strive to make Fern Birthwork safe and accessible for all birthing and postpartum people and their families. This requires a recognition of the ways in which birthing people are oppressed in all of their intersecting identities. See the Inclusion page for info.


While I cannot exist outside of capitalism, I do not subscribe to its ideology. For Fern Birth and Body this means I act to the highest degree possible in alignment with my value in humanity over money and competition. I come at each individual seeking support with flexibility.

The Wisdom of a Fern

I chose the name Fern Birth and Body for a few reasons. On the most surface level, I love plants, and ferns are my favorite. But the reason they’re my favorite is particularly relevant to birthwork. Ferns grow by unfurling – they start off in tight little balls, and slowly it all extends. It reminds me of the opening of birth and the changes of postpartum, the innate knowledge of what to unfurl next. They are some of the oldest plant life forms, and birth is such an old, sacred process.

I trust you to unfurl exactly how you need to, however that looks.