I would be honored to support you in your pregnancy or postpartum. Click each link below to learn more about my services and rates.

Pregnancy Care Sessions

A pregnancy care session with Kassondra is part massage, part birth consultation, part doula care. It’s customizable self care and preparation for your ideal birth and postpartum, at Kassondra’s home studio in Ravenswood. What does a pregnancy care session include? A massage (usually 60 minutes, but sometimes 90) this can include herbal hot water compresses… Continue reading Pregnancy Care Sessions


I am a licensed massage therapist as well as a birthworker. My rates: $25-50 sliding scale for a 60 minute massage Massage appointments take place out of my home studio in Ravenswood on a sliding scale basis. I offer this low sliding scale to keep my services accessible – I rely on my clients to pay the most they can afford to… Continue reading Massage

Postpartum Support

You just brought a tiny person into the world and you’re doing your best to nurture them. In short – my goal is to nurture you. We will work together to decide what our time together will look like, and for how long it will last. No two family’s needs are the same. Could you… Continue reading Postpartum Support

Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta nurtured your baby throughout your pregnancy. Now it could nurture you. Consuming your placenta may have many positive effects, including: improved mood and more balanced postpartum hormones increased breastmilk supply higher energy faster postpartum healing When I encapsulate for you, you will generally receive 150-200 placenta pills (depending on the size of your… Continue reading Placenta Encapsulation