Postpartum Support

You just brought a tiny person into the world and you’re doing your best to nurture them. In short – my goal is to nurture you.

We will work together to decide what our time together will look like, and for how long it will last. No two family’s needs are the same.

  • Could you use some sleep or a little alone time? I’ll hold your little one while you take a nap, a walk, or a shower.
  • Do you need some help around the house? I can do laundry or dishes, walk the dog, or do some light housekeeping.
  • Need a meal? I’ll cook.
  • Have a question about newborn care or breastfeeding? I will do my best to answer or connect you with someone who can.
  • Do you want to vent, celebrate, cry, or just talk to an adult? Let’s chat!
  • Do you need to process your birth story? I’ll act as a nonjudgmental, compassionate listener.

Additionally, overnight postpartum doula support can be extremely helpful for getting extra sleep, waking up to a clean house and breakfast in bed, and having someone around when breastfeeding is frustrating at 3am.

My rates

$30/hour for daytime hours, no minimum

$30/hour for overnights, 8 hour minimum.

A Note About Booking

My online booking system (at the button below) has a few limitations – if you are seeking overnight doula care or my availability seems too limited for the daytime care you’re seeking, please email me to book!

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