Pregnancy Care Sessions

A pregnancy care session with Kassondra is part massage, part birth consultation, part doula care.

It’s customizable self care and preparation for your ideal birth and postpartum, at Kassondra’s home studio in Ravenswood.

What does a pregnancy care session include?

  • A massage (usually 60 minutes, but sometimes 90)
    • this can include herbal hot water compresses or aromatherapy if you wish!
  • Birth consultation work – talking through what your birth and postpartum options are in Chicago
  • Need referrals to other birthworkers/healers/resources? I have my recommendations ready to go
  • A place to ask questions and voice your concerns about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Venting about everyday stress
  • All the tea you can drink (and sometimes snacks, mostly when I make or bake too much!)

My rates:

$50-100 sliding scale for a two hour session

A look into a pregnancy care session:

You take a seat on the couch, and I offer you something to drink. As you take off your coat, you reach down to give the little pup at your feet some love (her name is Honey). I have your favorite essential oil going in the diffuser. We settle in.

How has your week been? What did you do for yourself this week? How has that morning sickness been treating you?

Maybe today we’ll talk about your birth plan a bit more, or maybe you’ll need the time to vent. Maybe you have questions, concerns, or celebrations you want to talk through with someone who “gets birth”. This is your time to focus on yourself, your pregnancy, and your baby.

In front of you is my massage table, or if it feels more grounding to you – a comfy massage mat on the floor. Once we’re done talking, you get ready for an hour long massage where your comfort is priority. We soothe the tension in your low back and you feel cared for.