A Note on Inclusion

Gender and Sexuality

I and all of my support materials, forms, contracts, etc do not assume your or your partner’s gender. Not all pregnant people are women, some parents are transgender or non-binary, and queer families are beautiful. Fern Birth and Body affirms, respects, and protects this.

Fern Birth and Body also believes problematic birth culture in America is rooted in sexism and attempts to limit women’s power. Fern believes women and all birthing people are powerful, capable, and deserve respect and autonomy.


Fern Birth and Body is implicitly anti-racist and recognizes the disparity in maternal health outcomes among people of color as a result of systemic oppression. In all of my work I aspire to use my white privilege to the highest good of the people I serve, highlighting their power and voice above all.

Family Structure

I never assume the shape of your family. If you are a single parent, parenting with multiple partners, or otherwise not in a straightforward partnered family dynamic, my forms and resources will respect the unique shape of your family.


Fern Birth and Body is pro-choice. Plain and simple.


Fern Birth and Body recognizes the wide variety of differing abilities among pregnant people and to-be parents, and will work with all clients as people with nuanced and unique experiences. I respect people with disabilities as powerful, whole, and human.


People of many different ages give birth and build families. I do not make assumptions about a person’s experiences, abilities, or potential birth outcomes based on age, whether younger or older.

Financial Status

I recognize that birth and postpartum support is often limited to those with more financial resources – I try my hardest to make my services accessible to all. I also value reciprocity, my health and well being, and the financial wellness of my family. Holding both of these values is difficult! I value humanity over money, and act in alignment with that value to the highest extent I can afford. If you are low income and need accessible birth or postpartum care, I highly recommend Chicago Volunteer Doulas!